I have been collecting pieces of stories for years as I have researched my family tree. Stories are gathering in my head, begging to be told. I love my ancestors because I know their stories. But will my family, my grandchildren love their ancestors unless I share their stories? I need time, time set aside to just write. No interruptions, no distractions, I need concentrated, focused time. Want time to work on your portfolio for certification or accreditation?

I want 4 days in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, with hiking, swimming and hot tubbing to offer a respite from writing. I want to be surrounded by a few like-minded souls to share delicious home cooked meals and writing workshops offered to inspire and improve my writing? Where do I sign up!

Jill Morelli and I couldn’t find it offered, so we created it. September 19-23, 2018 in Silverthorne, Colorado. We will pick you up from the Denver airport and cart you away to writer’s bliss.

Need something to help you visualize this wonderful event. Well, I created this short video trailer to give you a taste. Details found here.