Everyone is talking and trying out the new colorizing tool for old black and white photos, that was recently released by MyHeritage. Here are some ideas on how to get your best results.

Tips to get the best image results

First, remember while the image colorization results may not be exactly historically accurate. Does it really matter if her dress was grey and not violet? If it brings loved ones to life, what does the small loss in color accuracy matter? So, first rule when playing with images –

Don’t mess with the original image!!!

Always use a copy! Changing an old black and white photo with the new tool is as easy as click and drag. Not all pictures get great results, so if you don’t like the results try another pictures. Some studio photos seem to not turn out as well, while others do fantastic.

Now fix the image

Once you have the image, you can tweak the colors, exposure, etc. with your favorite photo editing tools. To get the results in the picture above of my great grandparents, Herbert Brown and Anna Mae Atteberry Brown, I followed these steps:

  • colorized the black and white image (the original is unharmed, but I still use a copy) using the colorizing tool on
  • took the colorized picture and use the Remini app on my phone. This sharpens their faces.
  • make color adjustments on

Guess, what? You can actually do all of these steps from your phone!


This is not used for genealogical evidence. We never tamper with original documents and records when researching. THIS is used to bring life to your story by using a different version of the original image. In the picture above, I never realized that I resemble my great grandmother so much until I did this, as it wasn’t apparent before in the black and white photo. Colorizing can bring out details that might help you learn new information.

Elster, Jimmer, Junior and Vester Elkins with the railroad gang crew in Kentucky

Colorized photos brings out details that are often missed in the black and white.

Family members who were not that interested in family history before, are suddenly interested and asking questions about the people in these colorized pictures. THIS is alone is reason to try out this new tool.

Try it, you’ll like it!