Is all the writing in research reports, proof arguments and kinship studies, that are needed for your portfolio to apply for certification to become a Certified Genealogist through the Board for Certification of Genealogists stoping you from moving forward? Come to the Family History Writer’s Retreat in the beautiful Rocky Mountains this fall and let Jill Morelli, CG be your mentor.

Jill directs groups that are looking to become certified. At the retreat, you have the opportunity to work with her first hand and pick her brain!

During the retreat, we will discuss portfolio writing of Case Studies using Warren Bittner’s outline of things not to forget. Don’t want to lug all your books with you? We will bring our reference library so you don’t have to. The evening session on portfolios will be directed by your questions and interests. Numbering systems, and how Jill writes her own client reports, and she will share how she implements “write as you go” to improve her efficiency.

Jill and I will cook delicious breakfasts and lunches for you, which will provide you with the time to just work on your portfolio. When you need a break, soak in the hot tub, go for a swim or walk the nature trails. Wifi is provided that will allow you to do any last minute research.

Stop making excuses. Use this perfect opportunity to get your portfolio done! To learn more, click here.