Drink upstream

Drink upstream

There is a saying “don’t drink downstream” and if you’ve ever spent any time outdoors you know why. When you want good information, you need to go to the source.

I wanted to find out what “real” writers where doing,  so what did I do? I joined a professional writer’s online group. It’s called Tribe Writers. I have just started and I’m not much into the community sharing part, but I want to glean what I can from this course. Results to be shared later.

Next, I attended the 2014 Build Your Blog Conference, a professional bloggers conference. Taught by bloggers who have page views in the millions, who shared their expertise and knowledge on how to create a better blog.

Do I want to become a full-time professional blogger? No. But, I do want to glean ideas on how to maximize the time I do spend blogging and to create a better blog. Was it worthwhile? Yes, I did learn a lot. Enough to keep me busy tweaking, adjusting, and learning how to implement what I learned for the rest of the year. So, stand by – there a BIG CHANGES coming to this blog in the near future!

Am I frustrated that I can’t magically snap my fingers and have a beautiful blog, um yeah! I just made the leap from blogger to WordPress, and its been a steep learning curve, and I have miles to go. But, I hope that with time that I will get better at this. So, hopefully people will continue to stick with me as I learn.

My quest for learning from other tribes wasn’t over. I just got back from Timpanogas Storytelling Conference. Now, I don’t want to get on stage and tell stories, but I do want to tell my family stories in better and more compelling ways. I was expecting to learn about how to tell stories, but what I wasn’t expecting was how much I learned about plain old communication. I also wasn’t expecting to learn that finding personal stories from my own past would be so therapeutic. Who knew?

It’s great to go to genealogy conferences and take classes about blogging, writing, storytelling, etc. but it is very refreshing and revealing to go to the experts in those fields and learn new perspectives, techniques, resources and ideas. So, don’t be afraid to learn from other tribes. Glad to be in the same tribe with you!