Thanksgiving and Family History Go Perfect Together

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go…Thanksgiving will soon be here, families will be gathering together to give thanks and to eat turkey.                                             Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to do some family history! While everyone is there, why not share stories, take pictures, play some family history games – all while creating some cherished memories?

Here are some easy and painless ideas to help you get started:

FamilySearch App

FamilySearch Memories App, allows you to take pictures of grandma’s photos and documents and upload them to your tree. Interview family members and upload the audio file. It is easy, unobtrusive and allows everyone in the family to be able to share and access them later.

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Allison Kimball is a wonderful blogger, graphic artist and all around awesome person, who has created some beautiful family history games, like Family History Bingo and                                     Family History Matching Gameboth are FREE downloads. Go check them out and print them up – your family will love them and you!


Pinterest has some great ideas, feel free to check out my board for more ideas.

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Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, make this Thanksgiving memorable and fun! Preserve and share your stories – seriously it as easy as clicking a button!