New book release and a new website!

Well, at least one good thing has come from the pandemic – I finally have time to write! For over 10 years I have been planning and researching various book ideas. But, with all my speaking engagements, serving on genealogy boards, and client work – I just didn’t have the time. Earlier this year I had already started reducing my time commitments, then suddenly everyone had time on their hands when the world began to shut down.

I am so excited that my first book, Beyond Basic Journal Writing; Create a Powerful Legacy with Intention and Purpose, will be available for pre-order on September 21! It is on sale for the pre-order, click here to save!

Ever get frustrated trying to journal? Don’t know what to write about, think your life is boring, or just can’t get into the groove of writing? This book will make your journal writing much more inspiring and enjoyable with the guided journal prompts that you will personally create. Full of self-discovery exercises designed to lead readers to a deeper understanding of themselves, and to their personal and family history. Readers will take concrete steps toward writing their own memoirs and recording their life stories.

Who is this book for? Anyone interested in family history and leaving a powerful written record of their lives and stories.

Appreciate your talents and strengths as you record your personal stories in a clearer, more purposeful way. It is now easy to leave a powerful written legacy with the 31 Days to Become Unforgettable Method. Unlike other books, this book goes beyond the basic surface level of journal writing and teaches you how to dig deeper.

Why have one journal, when you can have multiple journals for every occasion? Everything from the creative to practical journals is introduced. Over 25 different types of journals to choose from. All the tips, tricks, and best journal writing practices that you will need to go beyond the basics.

Perfect for those just getting started journaling or for the seasoned pro. This book is great for parents, grandparents, or for yourself, as it gently guides readers in writing their own stories for the generations to come to love and cherish.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the book that I have waited for my entire life!”

Here is the book trailer I created:

Anyways, I am excited about it! I used to have 2 websites, one for me as a genealogist, and one for my family history blog. It became too cumbersome and too expensive to continue to have 2 websites – so I had the sites redesigned and combined. Now, and are one site, I hope you check it out. The Resources page and the Store are still under construction and will have some exciting new things added soon.

The changes in my websites came about because of the changes in focus for me professionally as well. I am now just focusing on writing (I have a lot of genealogy-related books that will soon be released!), teaching and mentoring (eCourses coming soon!), and a side business venture that I will share soon.

During this time of upheaval, I hope that you are all safe and finding some good things to celebrate as well.