500 Years Old Korean Love Letter



loveletterDay 6 – Love Notes

A love letter written 500 years ago was found buried with a Korean mummy. A grieving woman writes a beautiful letter mourning the loss of her beloved husband and buries it beside him. Centuries after it was written, the love and sentiment expressed continues to touch hearts and inspire people around the world.

The widow actually made slippers for her husband woven from her own hair, and he never had a chance to wear them. While that is kind of creepy by today’s standards, I can appreciate the feeling. Her expressions of her love spans time.


In a day of texting, emails, Skype, instant messenger, actual handwritten letters of love are quickly disappearing. How will our love inspire future generations? How will your love span time?

We all have people we love – a spouse or significant other, a child, a parent, a grandparent, a friend. Love letters can written to express more than romantic love.

For some reason when we take the time to physically write about our feelings and love for someone, it takes on an added dimension than when we simply speak the words “I love you,” and who doesn’t enjoy being told they’re loved?

So today, write a love letter. Record your love and let it be preserved on a written page. Who knows someday your great grandchild, or some blogger in another country, hundreds of years later may be inspired by it. Stranger things have happened.