Day 5 – What Do You Believe?

Everyone has them, their core believes, the things that they hold near and dear to their heart. Those thoughts that you believe to be true, regardless what others may say or do. I’m not talking religion here, though religious beliefs are part of it, or can influence your core believes.

When talking to my young adult son, who was getting serious about a girl he was dating a few years ago, we had a conversation about the this very subject. He thought they were very compatible because they had very similar interests and hobbies and they both liked the same things . But, when I asked about what her core believes were, he wasn’t sure what hers were. I pointed out that when people have core believes and values in common, their relationships will be more in happier because they will agree on the subjects that matter most.

It may not seem to matter at the beginning of a relationship, but it will always be an issue later on. Our core beliefs will shape how we parent, what kind of employee or friend we are and how we live our lives.

What we truly believe, deep in our hearts will eventually come out and play a part in the big decisions we make.

What Are Your Core Beliefs?

Record your thoughts, opinions and beliefs on these subjects:

  • marriage
  • divorce
  • children
  • family
  • God
  • religion
  • work
  • politics
  • honesty
  • education

These thoughts and beliefs don’t have to be shared with anyone right now. This is for posterity. Don’t try and color it, disguise it – just be honest and true. We want our descendants to know us and understand us. Trust me, trying to fake it will not work.

Maybe you haven’t really questioned what you truly believe before, a little light shinned on your opinions and beliefs might be just what you need. Living a life that is in harmony with our core beliefs is where true happiness lies.

Take some time and ask yourself, “what do I really believe to be true?”