Day 4 – Your Top 10 Stories

There are many ways to document your life and many people start by doing it chronologically. Being married to a professional Safety Man, I have learned to look ahead and picture the worst case scenario, always asking, “What if?”

What’s the worse case scenario in this case? You die tomorrow or something happens to you and your best stories are locked inside of you. Depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. It motivates me to get a move on it! People may piece together your vital records – but your stories, the ones you most valued will remain untold unless you do something now to prevent it.

Let’s begin with what’s most important first – the stories you value most. Some are going to say, “10 stories! I don’t have 10 stories.” Others will say, “10 stories! Only 10 stories, how am I going to narrow it down to 10?” Either way, let’s start with 10.

Top 10 Stories Criteria:

  • the 10 stories you would most regret having left untold or recorded
  • events, memories or stories that taught you and impacted you the most
  • stories that came at a high price to learn
  • stories that could make a difference to your posterity facing those same challenges in their lives that you did
  • a story of your core beliefs
  • stories that explain why you made the choices you do
  • a story that still makes you laugh
  • a story that still makes you cry
  • a story that serves as a horrible warning
  • a story that inspires

Next Step:

Once you have your ten stories, name your stories with  a 3 word phrase. Those 3 words will be a hook that will help you recall your stories later. For example, I have a story about trying out for cheerleader and my hook phrase is: cheerleader uniform fail. That phrase will instantly take me back to that story and I can recall it vividly.

  1. List your top 10 stories
  2. Give each story a 3 word catch phrase that will help you recall it
  3. Begin recording your story. You can write it, blog it, video, audio record it – but get it recorded.
  4. Look for memorabilia and pictures that go with your story.

This is obviously going to take more than a day to finish. But, at least determine your 10 stories and you can work from there.

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, “It might have been”.” ~ John Greenleaf Whittier

Find your top 10 and save them first!