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“I am bound to them though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices, I honor their history. I cherish their lives. I will tell their story. I will remember them.” ~ author unknown


Welcome! I am so happy you stopped by. Genealogy research and family history is so much more than just finding another name on your family tree. It is about family. It is about you – and your unique family’s crazy, challenging and wonderful story. I am passionate about helping you find your family, their story and discovering profound and meaningful ways to share it. That is what leaving a legacy is about. Let’s do something with your genealogy research, your family history stories, your pictures and memorabilia, so that your memories, your story, your family legacy - will live on.

Need a coach to help you discover your family history and create a family history legacy, or just get organized? Ready to start your genealogy business, need to develop your social media strategy, or build a platform to launch your book, etc.? I am an experienced consultant that has successfully coached my clients to reaching their goals.


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“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ~ Alan Cohen

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Coaching and Mentoring:


I speak internationally on a variety of genealogy topics for novices to intermediates. My current topics that I speak on can be found here. I would love to speak at your next organization’s event!

  • I do webinars! Which are a cost-effective and convenient way for your organization to maximize their education budget.
  • I also offer half-day and full-day workshops
Coaching and Mentoring:


An experienced coach/mentor who can help you be more successful in your genealogy pursuits. I consult on the following topics:

  • Creating a successful research plan
  • Organizing your search, your family history records and pictures
  • Writing a powerful family history book
  • How to find your family stories
  • Making the leap to professional genealogist
  • How to network and use social media for success


I was named by Family Tree Magazine as one of the “Top Social Media Mavericks in Family History” and have served as an ambassador for numerous events and brands. Having successfully worked in the advertising industry before I became a professional genealogist, I obtained solid marketing skills, that I now combine with my successful social media experience to help you create a strong platform to meet your goals.

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